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Prospective players are more than welcome to join the club for pre-season training, which runs for two weeks, starting on Monday 5th September at Weetwood Sports Park. There will be at least four football sessions a week, as well as several gym sessions. Any prospective players who attend pre-season will still have to trial at the end of it, in order to maintain fairness, however your commitment levels will not go unnoticed. Please contact Director of Football, Stephen Grimes, whose email is listed below if you are intending on coming to pre-season.

General Enquiries Contact

If you are a prospective student of the University of Leeds and wish to know more information about our football programme, please email Director of Football, Stephen Grimes, on or Club President, Jack Bullock, on

Prospective Players

Required Commitment 

As a club with a fine reputation across the Union and the wider University world, we expect all members to give a certain level of commitment to the society:

Training: These sessions are a combination of working on skills, specific tactics and watching pre-prepared analytical videos of opponents. Members must attend both of the allotted training sessions for your team each week. The 1st and 2nd teams currently train 5.30 - 7.30pm on Sunday's and 6.30 - 8pm on Thursday's, and the 3rd and 4th teams train 10 - 12pm on Sunday's and 8:30 - 10pm on Tuesday's. Please not these time slots are only guaranteed for one year, and could change for the 2017 - 2018 season.

Strength and Conditioning: These sessions are run by our experienced coach, Tim, and aim to increase the agility, balance and strength of players. 1st and 2nd team players are expected to attend two 45 minute sessions per week, whilst the 3rd and 4th team players are expected to attend one. The sessions take place at in The Gryphons Room in The Edge on Monday's and Friday's.

Games: Nearly all of our home games KO at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon. They will either be on Weetwood Sports Park, or Bodington Playing Fields across the dual carriageway. You are expected to arrive 75 minutes before KO, in order to go over our pre-game preparation, and to do a full warm up. Away games will also typically KO at 2pm, meaning a coach will be provided for you at around 11am, depending on where you are going.

Below is some information for prospective postgraduate and undergraduate students who have received offers from the University of Leeds, or are contemplating applying to the University.

In order to play for one of our teams, you must sign up to trials on Freshers Week at the Clubs and Societies Fair in The Edge. Typically we hold our sign ups on the Tuesday and Wednesday of Freshers Week and host trials on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The trials will take place at Weetwood Sports Park. If you wish to contact the club before hand, in order to receive more information, please see our "Contact Us" page on the main toolbar

For all club documents, including our Code of Conduct, Social Guidelines, Club Constitution, Risk Assessment and Code of Good Practice, please visit our page on the Union website: